BINDER STOVES (up to 300° C)

Drying and heating stoves version Avantgarde.Line with forced ventilation and advanced programming functions. The FED series is extremely complete in every aspect. It presents an almost unlimited capacity and at the same time it is particularly adaptable to the specific requirements of a large variety of applications. The improved timing functions and the digitally controlled air turbine can be used to adjust the temperature parameters and ideal air recirculation conditions.

Construction Data

Maximum temperature: 300°C


The stove is characterized by the numerous characteristics that allow to improve the post- curing process.

Temperature range
from room temperature +10°C up to 300°C

Available with internal volume
56, 115, 260, 400 liters

APT.line technology
heating of the pre-chamber

Variable speed ventilation

Controller with LCD display

2 Racks in chromed steel

Electromechanical control
air exhausted with dedicated door

Stoves in version
up to 115 liters are stackable

Independent safety device
temperature class 3.1 (DIN 12880) with audio and visual alarm signaling

Computer interfaceable via Ethernet

USB port for data collection

Ergonomic handle design


We are at your complete disposal to design a customized solution

What makes our oven range unique


Air flow management to obtain differences in temperature even better that 5 degrees.


Security valve for the reduction of oxygen in the chamber. It reduces the risk of a fire.


The interior of the chamber is completely “sealed” and doesn’t allow the fumes to pollute the insulation.


The electric panel allows you to:
– have under control all the temperature parameters.
– interface and control the oven through a PC.
– record time/ temperature graphs


It allows to pre-heat the incoming air by 30/50 °C, reducing energy consumption
and condense the outgoing fumes.


Where it’s necessary to treat food o medical material, we filter incoming air through absolute filters.


The post-curing of silicone requires a lot of attention for the exchange of fresh air, we can manage the correct quantity air with respect of the kg of the treated material.

Our Ovens

Oven studied for the treatment of post-curing of elastomer materials such as NBR, Silicone, Viton, etc.

Max Temp. 200 / 300°C

Oven studied for the treatment of post- curing of elastomer, such as O-ring, for which flatness is required.

Max temp. 300°C

Oven studied for the specific application of sintering treatments on PTFE polymers.

Max temp. 450°C

Oven designed to hold the moulds before being installed on the press.

Max temp. 200°C

Our Stoves

Avantgarde.Line drying and heating ovens with forced ventilation and advanced programming functions.

Max temp. 300°C

These chamber ovens equipped with an air circulation system are distinguished in particular by the excellent uniformity of the temperature that they allow to obtain.

Temp. max 850°C

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