These chamber stoves equipped with an air circulation system are distinguished by the excellent uniformity of the the temperature that they allow to obtain. In this way, they are suitable for processes such as cooling crystallisation, preheating, clothing for participation, but also for numerous processes of tool manufacturing. Thanks to the modular structure of which they are equipped with, these convection stoves can be perfectly adapted to any process requirement through the use of special accessories.

Construction Data

Maximum temperature: 850°C


The stove is characterized by the numerous characteristics that allow to improve the post- curing process.

Temperature range
Tmax 450 °C, 650 °C or 850 °C

Horizontal air circulation

Swivelling door with right hinged door

Uniformity of temperature according to DIN 17052-1 up to 4 C
(model NA 15/65 up to +/- 5 T)

Optimal air distribution
thanks to high current speeds

A shelf for loading and strips for two other shelves included in the supply
(NA 15/65 without loading shelf)

Stainless steel deflectors
for optimal air circulation around the area

Base included in the supply
MA 15/65 made as a table model

Flaps for exhaust and air intake as additional equipment for use as cabinet dryers
application defined within the limits of the instructions for use

NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controllers
process data logging with flash drive


We are at your complete disposal to design a customized solution

What makes our oven range unique


Air flow management to obtain differences in temperature even better that 5 degrees.


Security valve for the reduction of oxygen in the chamber. It reduces the risk of a fire.


The interior of the chamber is completely “sealed” and doesn’t allow the fumes to pollute the insulation.


The electric panel allows you to:
– have under control all the temperature parameters.
– interface and control the oven through a PC.
– record time/ temperature graphs


It allows to pre-heat the incoming air by 30/50 °C, reducing energy consumption
and condense the outgoing fumes.


Where it’s necessary to treat food o medical material, we filter incoming air through absolute filters.


The post-curing of silicone requires a lot of attention for the exchange of fresh air, we can manage the correct quantity air with respect of the kg of the treated material.

Our Ovens

Oven studied for the treatment of post-curing of elastomer materials such as NBR, Silicone, Viton, etc.

Max Temp. 200 / 300°C

Oven studied for the treatment of post- curing of elastomer, such as O-ring, for which flatness is required.

Max temp. 300°C

Oven studied for the specific application of sintering treatments on PTFE polymers.

Max temp. 450°C

Oven designed to hold the moulds before being installed on the press.

Max temp. 200°C

Our Stoves

Avantgarde.Line drying and heating ovens with forced ventilation and advanced programming functions.

Max temp. 300°C

These chamber ovens equipped with an air circulation system are distinguished in particular by the excellent uniformity of the temperature that they allow to obtain.

Temp. max 850°C

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